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2004 Apr. Desvenlafaxine is another example of one of those curious drugs. It does not sound like something a leading expert on placebo in the world would say. I will come back to what is. The authors of The Lancet article say the «great majority» had MODERATE to severe depression as measured by HAMD (25. […]

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With a drug like bupropion, one that’s already been through trials for one indication, and which might not be particularly profitable any more, there isn’t much incentive for pharmaceutical companies to invest in additional large clinical trials – and there’s no guarantee the process will go smoothly, as one manufacturer has found out in recent […]

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Clinically significant orthostatic hypotension is common with TCAs and related drugs, the older monoamine oxidase inhibitors and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). Significant proportions of problematic psychostimulant users may have pre-existing untreated affective disorders or other concomitant psychiatric disorders that may predispose them to psychostimulant dependence (Tutton & Crayton, 1993). The people we spoke to initially […]

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I Antidepressants against acne guessed it could be the medication, but I thought I had some kind of terminal illness. According to the Children’s Society, English children are more miserable than those in 13 other countries such as Ethiopia and Algeria — despite the widespread introduction of ‘wellbeing’ lessons. Although none of these drugs should […]

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[Medline]. Send us feedback. 5 ‘medium’. I will answer your question about why we see different results for similar drugs in head to head trials with another question: why do we see different results for citalopram and escitalopram? It’s all but admitted that they are the same drug, with the same pharmacological properties in terms […]

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[Medline]. — Benedict Carey And Robert Gebeloff, BostonGlobe. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): When taken as directed and under close medical supervision, SSRIs can help teens manage symptoms of depression with very few side effects. Mostly modest and likely what are depression pills overestimated. Effexor is pretty good for my energy. More specifically, the study […]