Antidepressants break up

Biol Psychiatry. This study suggests that stopping antidepressant treatment during pregnancy (or presumably before conception) causes a significantly increased risk of depression in the mother. Psychological and social impact of HD^ For an individual newly diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. There is a danger that, antidepressants break up in some people, antidepressant treatment will cause an […]

Off antidepressants effects

Depression in the elderly off antidepressants effects. CONCLUSIONS Although evidence exists that antidepressant use may be an independent risk factor for type 2 diabetes, long-term prospective studies of the effects of individual antidepressants rather than class effects are required. This study was limited by its open-label design and was sponsored by the manufacturer of fluoxetine. […]

Why would antidepressants cause weight gain

[Medline]. [Full Text]. There are several different categories of antidepressant medications. But if you wait until the 9th week, the placebo group will be at the same spot as the drug group in the 8th week. Are Antidepressants Safe? Antidepressants and Suicide. After 2 years, non-smoking bupropion users weighed an average of about 7 pounds […]

Different types of antidepressant medications

The authors note that the difference may be because depression in young people is the result of different mechanisms or causes, and note that because of the smaller number of studies in young people there is great uncertainty around the risks and benefits of using any antidepressants for the treatment of depression in children and […]

Anti depression pills side effects

163(11):1905-17. J Clin Psychiatry. Corresponding author: Mika Kivimäki, m. They include decreased sexual desire, delayed ejaculation in men, and the inability to have an orgasm in women. They found that patients taking the 12 most commonly prescribed antidepressants were more likely to gain weight than those not on medication. Soosay confirmed there had been awareness […]